It has been a harsh icy winter season here in Idaho which makes me want to hybernate.  There is nothing quite as satisfying at the end of a cold day as hopping into cozy jammies, fuzzy socks, cuddling underneath a heap of blankets with my love, knitting something completely mindless while watching (or falling asleep while attempting to watch) movies. Currently on my needles/hooks:

Falling for you gloves from the Knitters Bible:Knittted Accessories by Claire Crompton I am working in Cascade Ultra Pima, Organic Pima cotton (SQueEEE). This yarn is so yummy!

Every year I knit myself something lovely for my birthday. This year it is the Honey Cowl by Madelintosh knit out of some of my handspun 2 ply.  Now if I could put down the cotton I might be able to actually finish this one before my birthday.
Winter also makes me super nesty, I start to crave all manner of fibery home comforts....This is a bath mat that I just couldn't resist. I feel a few more of these babies coming on as soon as this one is finished. 


12/19/2015 11:32am

Very nice DIY knitted things!)

04/08/2016 1:21am

This yarn is really so yummy!

02/01/2017 5:06am

Cool! You're so good in knitting! I like your works so much! Can't wait to see the result!


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