It has been a harsh icy winter season here in Idaho which makes me want to hybernate.  There is nothing quite as satisfying at the end of a cold day as hopping into cozy jammies, fuzzy socks, cuddling underneath a heap of blankets with my love, knitting something completely mindless while watching (or falling asleep while attempting to watch) movies. Currently on my needles/hooks:

Falling for you gloves from the Knitters Bible:Knittted Accessories by Claire Crompton I am working in Cascade Ultra Pima, Organic Pima cotton (SQueEEE). This yarn is so yummy!

Every year I knit myself something lovely for my birthday. This year it is the Honey Cowl by Madelintosh knit out of some of my handspun 2 ply.  Now if I could put down the cotton I might be able to actually finish this one before my birthday.
Winter also makes me super nesty, I start to crave all manner of fibery home comforts....This is a bath mat that I just couldn't resist. I feel a few more of these babies coming on as soon as this one is finished. 

Who knew that digging deep inside oneself, to explore the authenticity that has always existed could give way to a new season of artistic passion? My handspun yarn is a byproduct of an enthusiastic lust for color and texture.

This space will be a peek into my studio, current inspirations, and artistic evolution.